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University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

When the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh redesigned Taylor Hall with a more modern look, the university's support manager, Paula Zemke, took the same approach to the residence hall's community laundry room. Highly efficient Speed Queen front load washers and dryers, installed by Excalibur Laundries, WI, put the modern finishing touch on the project. Their energy saving qualities, user-friendly controls and large load capacity made Speed Queen machines a perfect fit for the university. Students also gained greater convenience by being able to utilize their Titan campus card to pay for wash and dry cycles as well as campus wide services and door entry through a CBORD card payment system.


Purdue University

Officials at Purdue University wanted a way to set their Cary Quadrangle residence hall laundry apart and make it more appealing to students and prospective students. Their approach was simple: create a laundry room that also serves as a gathering space for students.

The project included a substantial upgrade in the look, technology and design of the facility's laundry room. And at the center of the project were high efficiency Speed Queen washers and dryers -- installed and serviced by ASI Campus Laundry Solutions, a division of Coinmach.

The university linked the Speed Queen machines with the BoilerExpress Debit Account, which enables students to use their campus debit card to pay for laundry cycles.

Cary Quad laundry room, which serves approximately 600 students, is now a bright, well-lit space with frosted glass and a creatively designed drop ceiling. Located nearby is a large lounge boasting a big screen TV. It also features a small kitchen area, vending machines and study space. Just down the corridor is a pool table for student use. The school sought to create an attractive, comfortable amenity that would become a focal area of campus life.

By all accounts, the redesigned space has become an attractive amenity, in addition to being efficient in water and utility usage. Officials plan to take the same approach with future laundry room remodeling projects.

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