You Have A Long List Of Things To Worry About


At Speed Queen®, we want to make sure that laundry isn't one of them. Unlike our competitors, the commercial washers and dryers we build for laundromats, hospitals, hotels and military bases are the same machines for your home. They're tough enough for the Army, so we know they'll be strong enough for you. Speed Queen is built better to last longer. Made in the USA for more than 100 years, our machines are manufactured with premium materials. They're built with rugged, commercial-grade construction and designed to maximize washability to help make your life easier.

Commercially Tested. Home Approved.

Speed Queen equipment is tested to last 10,400 cycles. That's equivalent to up to 25 years in your home.* And that's two to three times longer than other brands. You won't have to replace your equipment every few years, which will save you a lot more money. And it's all backed by an industry-leading warranty to give you extra peace of mind.

Put To The Test

Speed Queen Commercial-Quality Washers for the Home

Watch how we put our machines through rigorous tests to make
sure they meet the highest standards and last you a long time.

How long will your speed queen washer last?

How many years
did your last
washer last?
How many loads of
laundry do you do
each week?

Speed Queen washers are built to last. We test our machines through 10,400 loads.*

*Results are based on Speed Queen testing and are not guaranteed.

Keep your time and money

Short cycle times help you get laundry done faster.

Control knobs
are extremely
easy to use.

No lid lock lets
you stop a cycle
at any time.

210° agitation vs.
competitors’ 97°
agitator rotation.

construction using
steel, not plastic.

Stainless steel
tub is gentler
on clothes.

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