Success Stories

As our cherished customer, we would like to hear from you. Send us a note about your Speed Queen washer and dryer, along with a photo and we may feature you here.

Send it to: comments@alliancels.com

As our cherished customer, we would like to hear from you. Send us a note about your Speed Queen washer and dryer, along with a photo and we may feature you here.

Send it to: comments@alliancels.com


I took delivery of a gas dryer today. It is replacing another Speed Queen dryer. When my old unit took its last breath a week ago, there was no doubt in my mind what brand would replace it. You see, the old one was purchased in 1994. Since it's now 2013, that makes it 19 years old!!! When you say "commercial grade", you mean it.

George DiGiorgio

Elmwood Park, NJ

Thanks for a great product. And, that it is made in USA. We're replacing Kenmore Elite Oasis HE washer, dryer after 6 yrs of repairs, dissatisfaction. I washed, dried several loads of laundry with our new Speed Queens, the day they were delivered. Much cleaner clothes, drying time much less also. I like the option of choosing wash temperature, load size (water level), fabric selector. No more HE for me.

Doris Gardner

Summerfield, NC

We rec'd our speed queen dryer from my brother in law "used" in 1992... I don't know how long he had it... but it has run perfect for us for 21 years... I replaced the door handle...I don't even know how old it is... from the 80's maybe? Satisfied

Donald Vilyus

Oberlin, OH

I am so sad. My nearly 30 year old Speed Queen washer (not the dryer) is losing its transmission. I have never had to have a repair done on the washer, only once on the dryer which was last year and all the repairman did was oil, tighten belts, and give it a good cleaning inside. I feel like I am losing an old friend. It is still working, spitting some water out but I will use it until it stops. I am so grateful for a company that builds things to last. We are such a disposable society these days. I am not. I treasure the things that I buy and always buy the best. It may cost us more, but over the years we have not had to replace many things. I thank you for my wonderful washer and dryer that has lasted all these years.

Lauren Rosenberg

Corvallis, OR

About five years ago I bought a GE front load washer and dryer it barely lasted two years. So then I bought a LG front load washer and dryer and started having problems almost right away. Not to mention that my laundry stunk. I had to add water every time I did a load to get them clean .Customer support was the worst. I look around for an American made washer and dryer and found Speed Queen and I bought them. What a difference. My laundry comes out clean every time. They work great and they are a little noisy but thats OK . The only option that I wish it had is a buzzer to let you know when its done.Its nice to know that you can still buy Quality thats Made in America.


Sacramento, CA

My Amana unit, after 11 years had a problem with the transmission bearing. A repair man came out and found that it would cost too much to repair. I looked at many front loaders and I am 70 years old so I don't need a computer masquerading as a washing machine. I was ready to walk out of my local appliance store when a Speed Queen caught my eye. I saw the simple, easy to understand controls. I saw the large stainless tub. I saw that it was made in USA. That sealed the deal. I ordered it, had it in stalled, and was washing laundry that very same day. The machine is sturdy, USA made, and easy to use. It also does a fantastic job cleaning laundry. For those who do NOT want to mess around with complex, expensive, high maintenance front loaders, the top loading Speed Queen is the ticket to laundry simplicity.

Gilbert Beach

Port St Lucie, FL

I spent 3 weeks searching for a washer and dryer to replace my 13 year old set which died. I wanted a simple set like my old set and simple to operate. Wanted a machine that would do what I wanted it to - not what it wanted to do. I settled for a new set and had it delivered. I was told there was a delicate cycle - there was not. Then in the course of operation I discovered it did not spin after draining the dirty wash water out. I could not have that. So the set went back to the store where I settled on another set, different brand. Next day I found out the water temperature on it is not what it says. If the machine decides I need warm water it comes in with the cold. Additionally if the washer thinks I do not have a full load it will not fill to maximum. I was furious and thoroughly confused. That second set was not for me. Next day I went to local dealer to have my old washer repaired at any cost. Telling him my problems he showed me the Speed Queen set and saying it did everything I wanted - just like the old set. I have found that to be true - just like the dealer said. I am very happy with my choice and my dealer. I urge you to never stop making the simple, "what the customer wants" washer and dryer. I don't need or want a washer that has a back splash that looks like the cockpit in a commercial airliner. Simple and quality - that's what I want and what I got. I AM HAPPY.

Bettie Wallace

Titusville, FL

My second washing machine lasted 7 years. In an effort to find a washer that just might be worth the money, I did lots of research. It was my sister in law who told me to buy a Speed Queen. Her logic was that if these last in laundromats, just think how long they'd last in the house. I found a dealer, went to look at them and was astounded at the difference between Speed Queen and other brands. I admit the price was a little scary, but you get what you pay for, and my second washer was proof of that. I was sold on Speed Queen after the first load of wash. The washer was so quiet I kept checking on it. The clothes came out well spun and reduced my drying time. It is simple to operate, doesn't require an engineering degree to do a load of wash and actually fills the tub with water ( unlike those high efficiency ones). I tell everyone to make the investment in a Speed Queen. Made in USA no less. Can't beat it.

Donna Martinelli

Stafford, VA

After 7 years of funny smelling clothes from a Kenmore Front load washer and clothes not being dry, we switched to a Speed Queen. We purchased the AWN542 washer and a ADG3LR dryer. we LOVE our new machines. The washer washes fast and gets the clothes clean (old machine used to take about an hour). The dryer just flat out dries quickly. THANK YOU SPEED QUEEN!! we will do word of mouth advertising what a great product you have.

Bill Evans

Glenbeulah, WI

Just purchased a Speed Queen washer for my home, and so far I just love it. I can add a piece of forgotten laundry, or interrupt the cycle and change the load size, etc....so different from the other washers I looked at. Am glad I made this choice, even though it cost much more than I had anticipated spending. Hope it gives me many, many years of trouble-free service.


Allentown, PA

I purchased a Speed Queen Washer and Dryer 12 months ago. I cannot say enough about the product. The washer and dryer are work horses. The performance and capacity are stellar. By far the best washer and dryer I have ever owned. Thank you.

Anne Kennedy

Princeton, NJ

Nov. 2012 purchased speed queen washer after (89yr) owner (peters and fosters) told me it is a good washer and made in America. I have used almost every day for 3mos. and I love my washer. If I did not know speed queen was built in America, I am sure there are millions of Americans that do not know either. However, I plan to spread the news....


Monroe, GA

I bought my Speed Queen topload washer and dryer 2 months ago. I am very satisfied. It was well worth the 25 mile drive to my local dealer. This is by far one of the best washer and dryers I have ever owned. I too was fooled by these new flashy front loaders that sip water and don't clean clothes well. Instead of two hours cycles, wet clothes, out of balance loads, and smelly clothes I now can wash loads in about 30 minutes or less and they are cleaner and smell clean too. Thanks Speed for building a great product in the USA.

Devin Schaff

Mobile, AL

I used to always buy Kenmore appliances until my last Kenmore washer broke after only one year. It was my first experience with HE, electronic washing machines, and hopefully my last. The last day I did laundry it took me all day to do two loads, and I told my husband I was buying a new machine on Monday! After much internet searching I typed in "traditional top load" and Speed Queen came up! I read many reviews and decided that this was the machine I wanted. The thing that really sold me was that it was made in the USA! I went to Appliance and TV Center in Eugene, Oregon and they were great! I ended up buying a dryer, too. The day my new set was delivered I did about 5 loads of wash. These machines perform perfectly in the manner they were intended- which is to wash and dry your clothes, in a timely manner! I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Thanks Speed Queen for a quality product.

Suzanne Marsh

Veneta, OR

We just replaced our 12 year old washer and dryer with our first Speed Queen washer , dryer. We actually tried two other brands before we bought our set from Speed Queen. Both of those sets were terrible and had to be returned within a week. Luckily, on our third attempt we discovered Speed Queen. Let me tell you it is real nice to still find a quality made product that does what it suppose to do. Great to still have a washer with an agitator where we can still adjust the water temperature and water level that we want for every type wash cycle. I am very thankful that the manufacturers of Speed Queen are still building washing machines like we use to have years ago - seems to be built like a tank. GREAT PRODUCTS! Thanks Speed Queen, keep up the good work.

Bob Green

Nashville, TN

We purchased a Speed Queen washer about a year ago and this was one of the best purchases that we have ever made. We already take for granted having a worry-free; problem-free washer. When our dryer goes out... you all will be the only ones we call. We are no officially looking for you all to come out with... microwaves, refrigerators... ovens...


Charlotte, NC

Ever since I have owned my own home I have had over 20 washers and they all needed repair or would not do the job of getting clothes clean. Now that I own a Speed Queen that has not been an issue. I wash every day and it is the best washer that I have ever owned. My clothes are now clean and not destroyed like they can be using a direct drive washer. My mother has the same washer an we were talking the other day and she was telling me how she liked hers. I just think that it is the best keep up the good work

Carl Collins

Memphis, TN

On November 20th,2012, I purchased the AWN542 top load washer, and the ADG4BR, front load gas dryer, after extensive review and research of home laundry options. I selected Speed Queen (Alliance Corp) due to construction, warranty, and durability. Since Speed Queen is used by laundromats (and those machines take quite a pounding), coupled with my research, I chose the aforementioned models. I have yet to be disappointed. The free dryer rack allows me to use my gas dryer for drip dry items that cannot take the typical pounding from the vanes in the dryer. It works beautifully. I have known about Speed Queen all of my life, and I finally took the plunge and purchased this pair. Again, the washer and dryer have not disappointed me. Excellent product, and I have recommended Speed Queen since to everyone that talks to me about home laundry appliances. Thank you, Speed Queen for not wavering on your Quality Control, and your commitment to maintain higher than normal standards for your products!

Vincent King

Tulsa, OK

I love, love, LOVE this machine!! After wrestling since 2007 with out-of-balance loads in my top of the line GE front loader, and never being satisfied with how the HE machine failed to get my clothes as clean as previous machines, I had to make a decision when the front gasket tore and it started leaking. After reading online stories of other customers, I found almost all Speed Queen owners were loyal, happy campers. I wanted a machine that allowed me to choose how much water I needed for the load I was washing. I was impressed with the warranty, and looked up on the Speed Queen webpage to find where I could buy them locally. I called a salesperson I knew at the store, asked him to sell it to me, and the transaction was taken care of over the phone. He said it was a "really good machine...most people don't know about it." The delivery guy also said he thought it was the best machine out there. I've been using it a week, and am thrilled with the product. I've been able to wash bathmats I couldn't wash at home with the old machine because it couldn't balance the load. Love this machine!


Piedmont, SC

Thank you for selling top load commercial washers for home use. I am so thrilled to have it. We had a top of the line Bosch front loader that died after 3 years and when we took it apart to scrap I was filled with thick mold, mildew and some other awful substance. Thanks again, I no longer have to waste money on washer cleaners that don't work. My clothes are smelling clean again, and I no longer have to untangle clothes any more. So glad you are made in the USA.

Joanne Pluta


Love the machine! I like the old school simple proven design. Very quiet and it cleans well. Thanks for employing hard working Americans to build this solid dependable machine.


Butler, PA

I purchased a Speed Queen washer/dryer set in 1986 and am just now starting to look at replacing them. They are running fine-I am just getting nervous because the washer is starting to make some noises and I fear it leaking on the recently replaces floor I had installed. I thought I'd write to you to tell you of the amazing longevity of your product but upon looking at your website, I see that my experience is not all that unusual. The only work I've had done on this set is to replace the agitator on the washing machine when I loaded some tennis shoes in it (completely my fault) and replacing some dryer parts when a squirrel chewed his way in one year! I have moved this pair with me from the original house to two other houses. Amazing product. I will be looking at Speed Queen as my first choice when replacing! Thanks for a great product


Roscommon, MI

20 months ago I bought a Maytag Bravos. Biggest piece of junk I've ever seen or used! Wouldn't clean clothes. What's energy efficient low water use about re-washing clothes just to get them clean and it took forever to get a load washed. All kinds of things started going wrong with it. We pushed it out the door and bought the heavy duty commercial Speed Queen. Absolutely thrilled with it. It cleans everything like a dream (once) and in a short amount of time. You can have your energy efficiency, just give me my Speed Queen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Prescott, KS

We purchased the Speed Queen front load washer and dryer about a year ago and we wanted to let you know that it has been an excellent purchase for us. The cleaning quality has been great, the drying time has been cut in half, which leads to electricity savings for us. The initial cost was more than I had wanted to spend, but I am glad that I did. The payback should be about 4 years for us in energy savings. Again, thank you for continuing to make a quality product.

Rodger and Cathy

La Center, WA.

I am firm believer of patting someone on the back for a job well done and the manufacturers of Speed Queen laundry appliances deserve a huge pat on the back. My wife and I purchased a new Speed Queen washer and dryer when we bought our first home back in 1989 and they are still going strong. I am considering replacing them because the lid on the washer is starting to rust heavily. It is amazing to me that the outer panels of the wash machine are failing before the inner mechanical parts. I have experienced ZERO problems with either machine. The light bulb in the dryer is still the original bulb. This is exactly what I had in mind when I purchased them almost twenty years ago. My logic......what brand name of washers and dryers are in just about every laundromat that I've ever been in? Speed Queen. So that's what I bought and almost twenty years later, I'm considering buying my second set of machines. Job well done!

Brian Spaulding

McCalla, Alabama

Picked up a Speed Queen pair today from Alexander & Ray in Olathe, KS. Managed to move out my old 15-year-old unit and get the new units in and going by 10 p.m. Very impressed with the ease of installation and smooth, quiet running characteristics of both units, and for not that much more than (if any more than) a similarly-equipped "other" brand. All the negative reviews on other manufacturer units were really getting me worried, so when I found Speed Queen in a Google search of washers, I knew right away that there was hope of finding a decent set of machines. The 3-year warranty alone stands out among the crowd as something remarkable. Also that they are still made in the USA is a huge plus. The idea of doing things for the greater good of our society is apparently no longer in fashion, except at a very few companies like Alliance/Speed Queen! Keep it up!

Keith W.

Kansas City, MO

I am happy to tell you that I purchased a Speed Queen top loader washer and a dryer yesterday afternoon at Eden Prairie Appliance. It was one of the easiest decisions I have ever made on an appliance! They will be installed tomorrow. I had a competing brand's front loader, which lasted only 8 years. I am happy to be going back to simple, washing with a solid machine.


Elizabeth Erdahl,


P.S. Your web site was great and helped me feel well prepared before I went to the store.

"Only the truth!"

I should have known better, I only just recently purchased the heavy duty Speed queen washer and dryer. In 1972, I was attending San Diego City College training in major appliance repair and air conditioning and refrigeration and I remember my instructor Mr. Jones saying, "if you can afford a Speed Queen buy it, with its stainless steel tub it is the best washer money can buy!" (I remembered his wedding band hitting the interior tub and the ringing of the metal.

Unfortunately, though the years I have bought some "pretty machines." Five years ago I purchased my parents and myself another brand. Last year, while I was in the parts store picking up parts for the washer I saw the Speed Queen displayed; I could hardly compose myself. I called my parents and told them I was buying them a new washer and dryer! I replaced their set with a Speed Queen set.

They were thrilled, I am thrilled. This is the best machine on the market. Today, I only recommend Speed Queen products to friends and family asking for my advice. I soon will replace my laundry equipment with new Speed Queens, too. Thanks for the great washer and dryer set. I am glad to see them on the market!

-Edward Pulido

San Diego, Calif.

DecadesHello, I purchased a new Speed Queen washer and dryer this past April and am thoroughly pleased with them. They are great quality - always known for Speed Queen - and they are super capacity and quiet machines! The new white set replaced our old AWE931L, since the main seal started leaking when a fabric softener dispenser got stuck underneath the agitator. We still have that matching dryer (AGE939L) though, and it is working great!

I wasn't upset at all since this washer was 16 years old and really didn't owe us anything! So, we started looking around and I found out that Speed Queens were available for consumer/home use once again. I went to your Web site and saw the models I wanted - the AWS76NW washer and the AGS68AWF dryer. I was really surprised by the bigger wash tub over the old models and the fact that my loads of wash have been cut since buying this pair of laundry machines!

I always hated doing laundry, that's why we have two sets of washers and dryers hooked up and ready to go. Our old set of Speed Queens (HA7001L - washer & HG7009L dryer) from 1983 and 1984 respectively, still are working great! I figure if the Speed Queens are good enough for commercial laundry, they are good enough for my home as well. No need to convince me - I know a quality product when I see one! These machines are built well to take on the tough loads week after week, year after year!

My Mom had an old Speed Queen washer from 1964 that I grew up with. We sold the house when we moved and unfortunately that washer was sold with the house. I would've loved to have that old machine here now - just for the looks and sounds of it!

Thank you for making such a great product and keep up the good work! You have a loyal customer here.

Michael Limacher

Bloomington, Ill.

I just wanted to thank you for making such a great product. I purchased a Marathon washer and dryer in the fall of 1987. We have a family of 6 so your machines have been used non stop for almost 23 years.

Two years ago I had my first failure. I had to replace a gas valve in the dryer. I have not even had a belt break in the dryer. I am hopeful that now that we are at the stage in our lives that our children our leaving the nest, that the machines will last the rest of our lives. They owe us nothing, so anything from this point on is pure gravy. My wife's brother, who is 7 years younger than her has already gone through 3 washers, so they are now investigating Speed Queen. I have always raved about your reliability, and always recommend you to all that I know.

Jon and Laura K.,

Littleton, Colo.

WasherPurchased our stainless steel, heavy-duty Speed Queen washer from Sears in 1989. Should have purchased a dryer as well, but didn't and had to replace the other brand in 1994.

The washer is simply indestructible. Heavy duty steel, takes any kind of load including blankets/comforters etc. Still looks storeroom new. Put a mirror underneath it this week out of curiosity. NO RUST. We finally replaced the hoses just because we thought it wouldn't hurt. Bought the reinforced braided kind.

Just for kicks looked at other washers on the market now and chatted with people. Very upsetting conversations: One lady replaced a PLASTIC BALL BEARING 3 times in 4 years to the tune of 100 bucks each time. The electronic controls/computer chips etc. mean only one thing to me: costly repairs. The new washers also have way too many options. They are too light, made of plastic and, from what I have heard, guaranteed to break down within 5 years.

How complicated is washing clothes? Select water temp. and quantity, add a bit of soap and Oxy-Clean and in under half an hour you got clean clothes.

We have had not one problem with our Speed Queen. I hope that we can get at least another 15 years out of it. I am also happy to see that there is a dealer in the area who sells them. (25 miles away, but well worth the trip.)

Thank you for something you just don't find anymore: a product that is built to last.


Milton, Pa.

Just wanted to let you know, I bought a Speed Queen in Sheboygan, WI in the mid '80s and it's still going strong after all these years. Good job!!!


Rapid City, SD

I've had my Speed Queen washer & dryer since 1993 and have never had to call a repairman on the washer and on the dryer, only once. Now the washer is making a funny noise and I want to replace it with only a Speed Queen. I wouldn't have anything else. Congratulations on probably the finest washing appliances I have ever heard about.

Thankfully yours,

JoAnne G. Roberts

DryerAfter decades of service, it looks like our Speed Queen Model 108 dryer will receive a well-deserved retirement. My wife and I live in what was my wife's grandparents' house and this dryer has been here since either of us can remember. We believe the dryer has been here since my wife's grandparents purchased the house in the '60s. I find it amazing this dryer has faithfully served the same family for over 40 years! I'm holding out hope I can repair the Speed Queen, because it still heats up great. However it turns out, this Speed Queen has served our family well.

Glenn and Karen,

Bethlehem, Pa.

My mother had a Speed Queen washer when I was growing up. I recently gave up my toploading Whirlpool for a frontloading Speed Queen.

I am very happy with it. It is still a good sturdy product. And as an added note, I want to say that my water usage was cut in half these last two months and the new washer is the only change. Plus the time savings, since I can get a load of clothes in, out, and dried in less than 35 minutes. Thanks.

-Margaret Clark

Fort Gay, West Virginia

I have a Speed Queen washer and dryer that is at least 26 years old and is still going strong. I am amazed at the durability of both units. The dryer has never had a repair and the washer has only had the hose repaired. I have washed large bedspreads and many, many loads over the years with no problems at all. I was glad to find that Speed Queen still makes products. I had heard that you could no longer purchase them.

When my washer and dryer plays out (which may be never), I will again purchase a Speed Queen. Thanks for making such quality merchandise.

-Gloria Beegle

Dyersburg, Tenn.

We're taking a trip down to Albany and Scotia tomorrow. I have had so very much luck with Speed Queen, as had my mother, and now my daughter, I have to buy another one! This one lasted us 20 years, would you believe it?

-Alice Huppert

New York

I think I have spent my life washing clothes. I raised four sons and between their sports and other activities, I was always washing clothes. They are now grown and have children of their own. I recently purchased your Speed Queen washer and dryer and I regret that I never had the opportunity to have such a great washer and dryer when my children were at home. Hopefully, one day they will be able to have a great Speed Queen washer and dryer in their homes for their families.

It is absolutely the greatest washer and dryer I have ever used.

Thanks for a great product.

-Donna Helmuth,

Weems, Va.

I just had to write to someone in connection with my (home) Speed Queen dryer!! After 44 years, it quit!! This has to be some kind of record! My husband bought it and installed it when our twin daughters were born, Oct. 1, 1962. The first dryer ever for us! Just thought Speed Queen would like to know ... That Speed Queen served us well through FOUR daughters ... Our house has a wonderful laundry chute to the laundry room, where the dryer sits. I had a clothes basket on top of the trusty Speed Queen to catch the clothes, as well as some little kids who tried out the chute! Oh yes, many fond memories!

-Carole Wolfhope,

South Fork, Pa.

In the early 1980s, I bought a Speed Queen washer and dryer in Peoria, IL. I used it briefly, then moved and took the combination to my folk's house for them to use. As my mother now plans to move and won't keep the house and appliances, I decided to look at the washer and dryer today.

I was impressed. They looked fairly new. And I think they have operated without problems or repairs since they were installed. As I now have an old washer (M) that is leaking water, and a gas dryer (M) that has a non-functioning timer switch, I believe my best choice is to retrieve the Speed Queen pair and use them.


Ed Dentino

East Peoria, IL

I wanted to say thank you for a wonderful product. I have had our super capacity Speed Queen washer and dryer for 9 years. In that time I have had a service man come out once. The only thing wrong with it then was the belt had to be changed on the dryer. We are so happy with the Speed Queen washer and dryer we have. We have done many, many loads of clothes in them, and they have held up very well. I was doing up to 5 loads of clothes every other day, and they are still working great. The only reason we are looking for a new dryer is because we are in the process of switching from electric to gas in the laundry room. We are looking forward to making the new gas dryer a Speed Queen, too. We looked everywhere, or so I thought, for a store in our area who sold Speed Queens. I'm glad I found your website. My husband and I will be visiting the stores your website located for me. Thank you for making such a good product.

Thanks again,

Melody And John Erdwein


I am thrilled with my new Speed Queen gas dryer. It works great. I can't believe how fast my clothes dry! Thank you again for making such great products.

Melody Erdwein

"I've just ordered a Speed Queen for our rental house from Bernie's Appliance in Ketchikan, Alaska from Julie. I compared Kenmore, Whirlpool, and (cough, yuk) Crosley (which a local hardware store stocks). Bernie's will ship the Speed Queen on the AML barge & I expect to pick it up in Petersburg next Mon or Tues. I'm excited. The things that sold me on Speed Queen are: 1. Your solid reputation. What do laundromats use? Speed Queen! 2. The fact that you still manufacture in USA. That goes a long ways with me. I'm very angry with all the US corporations who've outsourced to China & Mexico. I'm proud of you at Speed Queen & please continue to make your machines in our country. 3. Price. A base model in white with a 3 yr & 5 yr (motor) warranty will cost less than Whirlpool, Kenmore, & Crosley machines i've looked at. I've talked to too many Petersburg folks who only got two or three yrs of service outa a Crosley appliance. I will let you know how I like the new dryer after my renter & I install it & his wife uses it awhile. Again, thanks for continuing to manufacture in our country with American labor! Take care"

Jack Slaght

Petersburg, AR

"Thank you for your email regarding my search for a Speed Queen dealer. I ordered the AWN542 & ADG4BR just today from one of the dealers you suggested in my area.

I have to tell you that I have spent the last entire week reading countless reviews online from various sites. I visited Lowes, Home Depot, Sears, etc. with my head whirling from information that I had read. I did not find one single appliance that had overwhelming favorable testimony about it. Most of the time the feedback was so extreme in opposite directions that you wondered ""are these people talking about the same machine?""

After having owned a brand new set of Maytags that I bought in 1970 that lasted me 18 years without a service call, I was spoiled. My new set of Maytags lasted 4 years on the washer and 7 on the dryer....no more maytags for me. A Kenmore Elite washer had problems right after the one year warranty went out and I continued to use it for 3 more years but ONLY on the delicate setting and slow spin. A set of KitchenAids lasted about 4 years. I think you get my drift.

Now that I have recently retired and need both a new washer and dryer I was determined to find a set that would hopefully be my last.... or at least give me the kind of service I got with my first set of Maytags.

Luckily, during my hours of reading customer reviews on their purchases I ran across about 3 people who mentioned they were giving up and going to find a Speed Queen dealer. One was going to toss a $3000 set of front loaders that had been a nightmare for less than 2 years.

I thought okay lets look at the Speed Queen site. OMG.... still made in the USA !!! 3 year warranty....YES! Nice to look at and simple with big knobs for my weaker hands. After talking on the phone with the nice man at Roberts's in Oxnard CA I was sold and ordered them sight unseen. I have a very good feeling about this purchase and am looking forward to getting them next Tuesday. I think I found what I was looking for and if I am right, I will TELL THE WORLD! :O)

Thank you Speed Queen for not selling out and still building with pride in the USA."

Julie Allison

"I just want to inform the Speed Queen MFG that our 1st speed queen dryer was purchased in March of 1964 & I just replaced it. The cost was $150 in 1964 & I'm sure that if my husband was alive he would have been able to repair whatever was wrong. I needless to say purchased another Speed Queen dryer for replacement. I hope that your name continues with quality items & that it will now service me for many yrs to come.

Thank You for the quality of your gas dryer in the past, I hope it continues today."

Barbara Cottage

Sewickley, PA

I wanted to let you know that I purchased one of your Speed Queen dryers, Model FE4230W, way back on July 17, 1977 when I first moved into my new home. So now its 2009 and I am still using your outstanding dryer and believe it or not, it has never had any kind of repair or replacement part. How's that for quality???? So much for planned obsolescence! By the way, that dryer cost me $268.00 brand new. I was 31 years old when I made that purchase and now I'm 63!! Needless to say, if I ever need another dryer it will be a Speed Queen. Thanks for the wonderful product.

Ken Campen

Portland, OR

I am not contacting you about a new dryer. I am contacting you because iI thought you would like to know that my 93 yro grandmother just replaced her dryer. The dryer she replaced was a 1950 speed queen. Yes just replaced. It was purchased in the Knoxville Tn area in 1950 and still works today. If you lift the top there is a list of repairs my grand father made to the dryer over the years. I do have this dryer if your company is interested.

Peter McGinley

Lenoir City, TN

"Just completed the registration of my new Speed Queen washer. One of the questions was what influenced my purchase. One of the choices should be because the product is made in the United States. A year ago we wore out our 70's model Speed Queen washer and replaced it with a used Roper machine purchased in the local paper. When we decided to purchase a new washing machine, Speed Queen instantly came to mind. We were determined to buy a washing machine made in the USA and were delighted to find out that Speed queen is still made here. Thank you for continuing to manufacture in the states. "

Tracy Arnold

Manchester, TN

O.K.-we are ABOUT to take the plunge and buy a S.Q. TOMORROW! (Oct 29, 2009) Our Whirlpool has required just TOO many (major) parts/repairs. Now, it will cost more to fix it yet again, than to buy a brand-new, identical Whirlpool. Husband and I decided: don't WANT another Whirlpool/similar junk.! Mr.Martin at Martin Family Appliance in Gainesville FL, sold me on the S.Q . based on the needs of our LARGE (7 people) family, daily laundry (garments) PLUS Lots of towels, comfortors, all sorts of dirty stuff! (dirty, smelly boys and two less-dirty girls). I literally have laundry piled up all over this house right now, and cannot WAIT to tackle it (for once) with my NEW washer! I almost wish our (Whirlpool elec) dryer would go, so I can get a S.Q. dryer as well! Anyway, a bit of a unexpected punch to our budget this is, but, I am heartened by the all-metal construction and the lengthy warranties, and the recommendation by Mr.Martin AND the customer comments on your website. So: I will let you know how it goes!

Cat Ward

Gainesville, FL

"Just wanted to send a note telling about the two Speed Queen washers that we own. We have an automatic washer that we bought 26 years ago and it is still working like a charm. We also have a wringer washer that we bought used a number of years ago that still works every week washing lots of heavy clothes and rugs. It is a model 91 serial #3295854. Could you tell me how old this machine might be? We are very pleased with your products and will probably buy a Speed Queen again if and when these fine machines need replacing. Thank you very much."

Marlin Bultena

"I just wanted you to know that i have owned over 50 speed queens at one time between the years of 1991 - 2001. Very pleased with the machines. The performance and the ability to fix them easily. American pride is not dead. I have replaced inferior Kenmore machines in 3 other places since that time with Speed Queen top loaders. Regards, Richard"

Richard Jones

Thank you for your prompt e-mail. I purchased a Speedqueen washing machine from Gerrit's Appliance Store in Wyoming, MI. I was so happy to see that Speedqueen was still making their machines in the United States with high quality parts. This will be our 3rd Speedqueen washer. The first two each lasted 15 years. I like the stainless still tub and porcelain rather than plastic parts that a lot of the manufacturers are using. We are on our 2nd Speedqueen Dryer and it is still working well so we did not replace it. My mother-in-law had a Speedqueen when she was raising her six children so I thought that was a good enough reason to buy my 1st one. The warranty that you offer is better than the other brands probably because you build your machines better than the other brands. I have a good feeling about purchasing your brand!

Sharon Tornga

Hi, Chuck.....I just talked to our renter about a hot water heater problem in the rental house we own and he said that on the bright side, he & his wife love the Speed Queen clothes dryer I bought last month. He says it dries clothes faster than the old dryer it replaced and is super quiet. When we installed it last month, Gary & I commented about the obvious design quality we noticed when handling the new machine. We are both journey level mechanics and are used to seeing the cheaper, lighter gadgets our new age has switched over to. I thought I'd follow up & give you the feedback. Thanks again for keeping manufacturing jobs in our country and building good machines!........

Jack Slaght

Petersburg, Alaska

"Hello SpeedQueen!

In regards to your own statement:

""Speed Queen brings commercial quality washers and dryers into your home.

These washers and dryers build off our leader status within the commercial laundry equipment market. What customers receive are long-lasting washers and dryers that also deliver superior cleaning results. ""Let me tell you ..... I have a Speed Queen ""long-lasting washer and dryer"" set, both heavy duty, the washer is a Special Edition - purchased in 1985!!!!

Thats right, 24 years ago!

The best thing is .. I have NEVER had a service call or problem with either one. Not once. Nothing, Zip. Nada. You ask .. Why am I writing to you now? Well ... the timer for wash cycles has gone haywire and I am in the shopping process to replace the washer. *sigh* Good job Speed Queen !!! Thought you would like to know of this happy happy customer :)"

Peggy Call

Taylorsville, UT

"My Speed Queen dryer is 40 years old and I had the first service call on it today. It was a broken belt and it was replaced, it is running great now.

Just thought you would like to know how great your products are:) My husband keeps trying to talk me into a new dryer and I say NO."

Carole Applegarth

Greeley, CO

"I just wanted you to know how impressed and pleased I am with the new washer and dryer. model AWN412 and ADE3LR. I am so please we took the advise of our daughters local dealer in Homewood IL as we went shopping during our Christmas visit with her.

My daughter's washer quit the week after my purchase and I recommemded Speed Queen. I also said the dryer was great, quick and quiet. She purchased the speed queen washer and dryer within a few days. Her friend also needed hers replaced and she recommened speed queen.

Thanks for a great product at a reasonalbe price made in the USA"

Elwood Betts

Iron Mountain, MI

I just purchased an AW412SP. Great machine. Quality that I have not seen in years. I want to thank you for manufacturing this product here in the USA. You should put an American flag sticker on the front of your machines. I am proud to buy an American product of such quality and am telling all of my friends. We need more companies like yours to turn this country around.

Dennis, Conner

Magnolia, TX

"Just wanted you to know that we bought our Speed Queen dryer in September of 1965 and are still using it. I put a new belt and heater on it years ago, that is the only repair its had. It is a Model # 120-AF Serial # 599188. Last week the tub wouldn't spin, I took it out of the utility room, said a few magic words apparently and its working again.

When we bought our last washer thought about a new dryer, but really saw no reason to get one. Know we'll never have another one last like that.

We raised 4 kids so you know it got lots of use. Thank you very much for a good dryer."

Aaron Kohrmann

Pharr, TX

"Just wanted to say we decided to purchase our speed queen washer and dryer because it is made in the U.S.A. and locally in Wisconsin. My parents did some research when visiting us from the Upper Pennisula of Michigan and saw Speed Queen at Lorenz Appliances because the Lorenz Appliances did appliances at Kohl Digital Store in Frankfort, IL that they were visiting

They bought the washer and dryer. Than we wanted a new washer and dryer and called Lorenz and order ours. Than my cousins needed washer and dryer and called to order there's. The made in U.S.A and commercial quality and motor durability really made our decision easy and didn't so much matter the cost. We want to support companies like yours.

Can you let me know how I can get a dryer rack for inside my dryer?

Thank you so much for surviving these economically challenged times and hopefully you be striving in business for many more generations."

Julie Massey

New Lenox, IL

In January of 2008 my wife and I needed a new washer so we headed to the local Lowes (since I use to work there) and bought a GE. Well about 6 months later we had to have it repaired. Then about 3 months after that another repair. Then in February 2009 (one month out of warranty) we needed another repair, but they (GE) covered it. Finally this past June it (the washer) broke for good and GE bought it back. We decided no more GE washers. We went to a local store here in Fort Wayne (Stuckey's) and he told us we needed a Speed Queen if we wanted "THE BEST". We never heard of Speed Queen so I was a little skeptical. Then when he (the salesman) said "have you ever been to a laundry mat?" Then it clicked "That's where i've seen the name". Well we left with a "scratch and dent" Speed Queen washer. It was a little more expensive then the other washers we were looking at but from what i've seen in the first 4 months of owning it I would have spent 2 to 3 times more for it. When it is running we can't even tell its going unlike the piece of GE washer that shook and rattled and drove us crazy. Thank you for building the "GREATEST WASHERS ON EARTH". I almost can't wait for our Maytag dryer to die so I can get a Speed Queen dryer. I will never own another brand of washer and dryer other than Speed Queen. We tell everybody about our Speed Queen. I just hope they listen.

Milt Jacot

Fort Wayne, IN

"Thank you for the product you make. After much research on washers, I bought a speed queen washer. I wanted a dependale product that I will not have to replace in two years and the fact that this washer was made in the USA clinched the deal for me. After I made the decision to spend the money on a spped queen, I felt relieved.

Thank you again for making such a great product and for making you product in the USA. You should be commended."

William Mohr

"Thanks for responding to my request. I had originally received a message that there were no dealers in my area. Before I check with one though, I want to let you know that I only found Speed queen after hours and hours of grueling online research to find the combination that I want and need. I have a four month old GE infusor top loader, that I can't bear to look at let alone use any longer. I'm infuriated at being foolish enough to buy something that I should have instinctively known could not deliver. My experience has left me very very apprehensive and in disbelief at the attempts by ""blame the victim"" manufacturers and salespeople to convince people who discover what I have, (you can't wash a full load in a gallon of water) that they are wrong and therefore responsible for misusing the machine, or worse, stuck in the past and can't adjust to new technology. Everything I have read in reviews about Speed Queen indicates that the washer to meet the expectations I have. Thanks very much"

Sarah Zilbauer

About six years ago, I purchased a new washer and dryer, GE Profile series which according to their website, was considered second to their flagship washer and dryer. Fast-forward to today where I just had them replaced with a Speed Queen washer and dryer and have no regrets in doing so due to the washer failing for bearings and suspension and the dryer not drying as it should have been. I did my research prior to purchasing the new Speed Queen set, as there are so many different models and brands now that it becomes overwhelming. I was on the Amazon website, reading the negative reviews of each and every brand that I was looking at, and in each there was one person responding stating that no brand beats Speed Queen for reliability, warranty and build quality. Plus the fact that they were built in the USA made a huge difference to me, as I am tired of everything being made outside our country. I made up my mind that buying a Speed Queen washer and Dryer was going to be the right decision, I just had to go see the machines in person for myself. The moment I saw the build quality, and the features, plus the simplicity of the controls, I was sold. Funny thing is that the salesperson watched me when I entered the store; he noticed how I knocked on the body of all the different brands, looked inside the tub and moved them back and forth via the agitator, and without any hesitation, asked him to write me up for the set. His words to me were that I made the right choice. I just finished washing and drying my second load of clothes and I am very impressed with the results of both the laundry and the quality and operation of your product within a few hours of using your machines. I should have brought this brand initially but was not aware that they made home versions of their commercial products but we are all entitled to make one mistake. I have already praised them to my friends and family without question as being the only washer and dryer that they should by and need for years to come. Thanks for making built in America a standard again. Now if you could only manufacture every other appliance as well.

Michael Ortiz

Hazlet, NJ

After an epic failure with a Kenmore washer, we switched to Speedqueen.  The Kenmore had little irritants such a locking lid that once locked would only unlock at the push of a button.  After you would toss in that missing sock and close the lid you had to push the restart button and the washer would begin the cycle all over again.  With SQ, you just open the lid and toss in the sock, close the lid and let it finish the cycle.   Kenmore, took one hour for a load of clothes.  SQ, 30 minutes. Kenmore, required two rinse cycles to thoroughly rinse dark clothing.  SQ, does it in one rinse. What ever savings in water the Kenmore was supposed to save was lost because it required two rinse.The big irritant was the Kenmore started it epic failure one month after the warranty expired.   Troubleshooting the Kenmore was a nightmare.  Diagnosis checks and re-calibration of the machine were easy but never diagnosed the problem.  Calls to small appliance repair shops all said it was a difficult machine to diagnose and repair. By comparison, SQ is simple, efficient, and functions as a washing machine should. I hate having to badmouth another brand but sometimes you have to experience poor quality to appreciate excellent quality is.  If it was a contest I would have to say in political correctness that Kenmore is first place loser. Speedqueen for the win!

Connie Erik

Iowa Park, TX

My husband and I just purchased our first Speed Queen and are so very excited by finally having a solid washing machine.  We wanted a washer that was just that....a washing machine, with none of the bells and whistles that come with a repair man attached.  We were lucky enough to get her used, which is a miricle in it's self, since most owners keep their machines for years and years.  We live on a small ranch in Northern NV and getting dirty is a part of our everyday life, we have never owned a washing machine that cleans our cloths as if they were new, but she does.  I named our wonderful machine Beauty because that is what she looks like and that is what she makes our cloths look like....beautiful. To anyone out there looking to buy a new washer or dryer this is the only brand to have in your home!!!!!! It gives me great pride and releif to know that Beauty will be cleaning our cloths for the next 20 plus years! The added bonus is the fact that we bought USA made!!!!

Deb D.

Minden, NV

After 5 yrs struggling with a low-water Whirlpool washer, we gave up and bought an AWN432 and it is SUPURB!  Hasn't gone off balance once!   Do not ever give up your time clock control - my wife HATES the computerized controls that try to think for you! Keep up the good work!

Maynard Franklin

Just purchased a new Speed Queen Set after my May*,g had to be replace after only 6 yrs and many repairs.I am confident that after reading all the Outstanding reviews, that I made the best investment for my large family.


Winnetka, CA

I recently purchased a new Speed Queen washer and dryer from Daum Appliance in Peotone, Il. First of all the washer and dryer are great!! Extremely quiet my wash is  extremely clean and the clothes are dry in a reasonable time. Pay attention to the man- uals and you will not go wrong! Also the young lady in customer service@ Speed Queen is most helpful.I purchased the AWN432 Washer and the ADG4BR gas Dryer. And...anyone living in the south suburbs of Chicago should deal with Daum Appliance In Peotone, Il. They are most accommodating from accepting your order thru the delivery process. I doubt that I will deal with Best Buy again.

Kevin Lauffer

Blue Island, IL

I'm not sure if this is the right place to send this, but I wanted to send you some fan mail. We have had a domestic gas dryer for about six years now, and we just bought an electric model for our daughter for Christmas. When I installed the gas dryer I was highly impressed with the design, the quality of the materials, and the quality of assembly. This is an incredibly well made appliance where it counts, and we were happy to buy another for our kids (we fully expect the one we have will outlive us). In an era where appliance manufacturers seem to all be involved in a race to the bottom, it is great to know that such a great product is still being made. Pats on the back to all involved in designing and manufacturing. Please keep up the good work.

R. Mottola

Newton, MA

I wanted to let you know just how impressed I am with your product. I own a speed queen washer & dryer bought in 1987.  They are both still running strong doing the job I bought them for. I just thought you'd like to hear from us happy customers every now and then, Thank you for making quality machines.

Karen Kempf

Fremont, WI

Purchased my speed queen washer from a local dealer after my 19yo maytag died. After exhaustive research, and a trip to the Laundromat (where they have speed queens) I was sold. I've had it for 6 mos, and couldn't be happier. Will purchase the dryer next.

Linda Seavey

San Antonio, TX

I purchased my AWS17NW washer in May 2008 after going through 3 Whirlpools and my 21 year old Maytag. Almost 6 years later my washer still runs like brand new with no problems. Thank you Speed Queen for continuing to build quality machines.

Fred Hansen

Lakeland, FL


Our Speed Queen washer died this weekend...installed in our first home on 10/22/1983.  That's right, 31 years ago. Rest assured we are lookixng at nothing other than a Speed Queen to replace it.  Who could ask for more?  Our matching dryer is still working.  We have our fingers crossed. Thanks for making such a wonderful product!

Diane Waitsman

Ellicott City, MD

This machine does everything I need a machine to do,  When you fill it for a full load, it FILLS!  When you want hot water, you get HOT water!  Has a nice deep stainless steel tub.  The controls are easy to use and mechanical.  My repair guy recommends ONLY Speed Queen.  If you are looking for a machine that washes your clothes like a washing machine should, this is it.  No fancy colors, no fancy electronics, all the cycles you need and built to last in Wisconsin.  Great Machine!!


Montgomery, IL

I am in love with my Speed Queen Washer and dryer. I dont think my clothes have ever looked so good.After 40  years of buying the "pretty" Kenmore and Maytag top and front loading machines with all the bells and whistles that were always in need of some repair.I decided to go back to the basic washer and dryer, no need for extras to break down and plastic parts that wear out every year.. YES and after reading all the wonderful reviews I decided to buy the basic Speed Queen set from Watt Appliances in Van Nuys, Ca.1,200 for the set. One of the evry Best investments I have made for my family !!!! Thank you Speed Queen.

Lisa Oliver

Chatsworth, CA

One day my Maytag Neptune that I got back in 1998 died.  I looked everywhere for another front load washer and every consumer review I read told me I wouldn't probably ever find another good washer and dryer.  Then it dawned on me that relatives I have who owned several coin laundry mats always used Speed Queens.  So I checked the Speed Queen website and saw they sold units for homes.  I located a nearby dealer and I wrote the check for the new washer and dryer.  Still made in the USA.  Delivery day was quite a feat getting the heavy washer down the stairs.  A very well built unit that does the work it is supposed to do.  Also if I should ever need service the dealer I bought it from services.  Try getting that from some box store.  We are so glad to own a Speed Queen washer and dryer.  We couldn't ask for anything better and dependable too.

Tim Staw

Shirley, IL

I have my SQ washer, so that I am not in the market to replace it; I only want to say THANK YOU for making a commercial grade machine available for home use. I wanted a stainless steel drum without a raised seam that would catch on clothes (like Sears brand), that would allow me to wash WHATEVER (unlike the GE, Sears, etc.), meaning bathroom throw rugs, comforter, bedspread, etc. YAY for Speed Queen and for having SMART, simple, practical controls! I needed a solid, reliable, well-built, practical, easy-to-use top-loading machine, and you delivered! Thank you to the design and production teams! I will hands-down always recommend a Speed Queen! Thank goodness these are available for the home!

Lynda Elliott

Washington, DC

I read some of the other success stories and feel so fortunate!  We bought a pair of Speed Queens 25 years ago when our first child was a baby. We picked them because they were in every laundromat around,as I see others have said! My old machines did exactly what they were supposed to do: clean the clothes in a reasonable amount of time and with no worries on my part. The washer started showing signs of age and I didn't want to replace it because I was under the impression that Speed Queen was out of business.  We found a high efficiency front loading washer and matching dryer that I thought I could tolerate.  The night after we ordered it, I came home and did one more search online...and found that Speed Queen is alive and well!  I gleefully cancelled the other order and kept my loyal pair for a couple more months.  We're waiting for the washer to be delivered but the dryer is here and works beautifully and even more quietly than my old one.  They do what washers and dryers are supposed to do: get clothes clean on the first try.  It's nice to have machines that are entirely mechanical, from the ground up.  There are no computerized parts at all in these, so IF they need repair, the parts are less expensive.  I'm pleased to know that I will have a reliable laundry pair for decades to come!


Racine, WI

Purchased our top-loading model in November and wanted to wait before posting a review.  After four months we still love this washer and are please with the purchase.  Well worth the price.  Solidly built in the U.S.A. with quality materials-no computer boards to worry about! This machine cleans much better than the Whirlpool that it replaced. Oversize loads never run out-of-balance- even while washing sleeping bags.  Very pleased with the product.

Tom Parrillo

Villa Park, IL

I have been a washing machinerepairman for 42 years and have always enjoyed it until about 5 years ago when the government and the appliance manufacturers destroyed the washing machine. Almost all are junk,they don't wash clothes,hard to diagnose and repair expensive to buy and repair. It's embarassing for me when I have to tell my customers it can't be fixed or it will cost too much. Sometimes I can't bear to charge a service call! It's hurt my business.For some time now I could'nt recommend any machine to buy and keep a clear conscious.Then I discovered SPEED QUEEN! Believe me folks,I know,this is the only company that still builds a washing machine that still can wash clothes! I hope ,that the government doesn't shut them down for not saving the planet from us stupid consumers. Keep up the good work SPEED QUEEN and don't quit.

Tim Franklin

Payne, OH

I bought an LG top loading HE washer about 3 years ago. The washer had a glass top and played a catchy tune at the end of the cycle. It had all the bells and whistles. After about 6 months, I noticed that my bath towels started to smell funky. I changed detergents, tried a vinegar rinse, used additives. Nothing worked. My clothes also were looking dingy. Finally, I sold my 2 1/2 year old washer on Craig's list and researched washers online. Clearly, Speed Queen was what I wanted. A simple, dependable washer that cleans clothes well. Not only does it clean well, but it takes half the time of the HE. The simple dryer does a fine job, as well. But I'm writing about the Customer Service. Last Saturday, I heard a clunking in the dryer. The lint filter cover was tossing around with the clothing and had broken. I sent an email to Speed Queen Customer Service asking where I could buy a replacement. Monday morning I got an email telling me one was in the mail. Today is Tuesday, and I have my new lint filter cover.  This is the most amazing service I have ever received in my entire life, and I'm old!

Sally Thomas

Minneapolis, MN

After reading your customer reviews I had to contact you to also say how much I love my Speed Queen washer. We purchased it a year ago. I live in Canada, and after reading the reviews about your appliances my husband drove 3 hours each way to Crosby N.D. to purchase a washer. I was so frustrated with the last two Whirlpool washers we had owned I just couldn't face buying another one of their junky products. Together they lasted less than 8 years and it just wasn't worth investing any more in repairs to keep either of them. My Speed Queen cleans so well - it gets out absolutely every stain that I throw into it and my husband has some really dirty and greasy work clothes. It is fast. I love the simplicity of it and even though it may be a bit noisier than my old models - who cares - its noisy because it is working so hard to clean our clothes - which is what we paid for it to do!! When my current dryer quits we will travel again the 6 hours to buy your dryer. My ONLY wishes are that you  manufactured dishwashers because it is impossible to find a decent one of those, and that you sold your products in Canada. Thanks for your great products!

Cindy Dumur

Regina, Canada

I would like to say this product is so much better then any of the machines that i have had in the past.  i just purchased a washer dryer set and what a surprise!!   very simple to use and it actually uses enough water to get clothes clean, unlike my last high efficiency washing machine.   my clothes do not come out wrinkled at all like other sets and that was a big complaint from alot of my friends so it was a concern for me when purchasing.   the only complaint i could muster up ( AND THIS IS REALLY NOT A COMPLAINT FOR ME ) is it only fits a queen size comforter which i dont have so it does not really apply to me at all but you should be aware of that if you have a king size comforter to wash.   if i were to rate the washer and dryer i purchased  1-10 i would give speed queen 9.9 out of 10.  dump your china made cheap high efficiency washers and dryers and never complain again !!!   BRAVO SPEED!!   many thanks to the staff at speed queen for such a nice easy product to use.

John Goyette

Deer Park, NY

I purchased my Speed Queen washer after my Whirlpool Cabrio died after 23 months of use! what a pile of garbage. The machine started sounding like a jet plane during the rinse cycle so I placed a service call and after 4 weeks of waiting for parts my extended warranty company decided it would cost more to fix the machine than what it was worth so they gave me 550.00 and it was to be scrapped. I figured maybe I got a lemon then I figured why throw good money away after bad? During those four weeks I was going to the Laundromat and it was full of speedqueens, so I decided to do a little research and discovered I can purchase one for my home. I walked into the dealer and told the salesman I need to wash clothes that's it! I don't need to hear my machine whistling Dixie when its done washing, By the way I don't believe my clothes were getting cleaned properly, and he told me the speed queen is a work horse and has the quality like the machines my mother used to buy. I thought o.k it looked a little old fashioned but I"ll try it. What a dream! I can open the door and see water inside, My clothes come out clean and done in about 30 minutes. I can use regular detergent and I don't have to wait for a door to unlock just to throw a sock in that fell on the floor. Thank You for still making a great product! Very Happy!

Danny Joe

Burbank, IL

I love love love my Speed Queen washer and dryer.  I have always been a kenmore person.   Never again.  The first kenmore lasted me over 20 years, the second not even 3 years.  Then the next one the salesman told me all washers are water savers now.  Hated it!  Now I had a salesmen who told me that speed queen was the only one that had the features I love....enough water, load done in 30 minutes as compared to one hour.  You can lift the lid to throw in a dishtowel unlike the locked lid that takes 2 minutes to unlock. The machine starts immediately.  And CLEAN clothes!!!  The set was a little pricier but so well worth it.  I have told everyone don't mess with these modern models.  Speed queen, so worth every penny!!!

Toni Pedley

Endicott, NY

After suffering with dirty smelly clothes and washer for 8 years I finally have clean white good smelling clothes again.  We have a timeshare in CA and the resort uses Speed Queen machines in their  customer use laundry.  With sand in the machines because they are a beach resort my clothes were cleaner then when I washed in my top of the line Maytag Neptune at home. I went home and began researching how and where I could acquire a Speed Queen.  The reviews only reinforced my desire to get rid of my machine and buy a Speed Queen.  I've had it for 6 months now and I am in laundry heaven. I expect this to be my last ever washing machine but if for some reason  I needed to purchase another one it would only be a Speed Queen.  I'm just waiting now to replace my dryer with a Speed Queen.  Thank you for making a quality machine!

Kerri Sue

Mesa, AZ

First I must tell you that I had a maytag Atlantis for 11yrs and it developed a bearing noise and found out it wasn't cost effective to repair so I replaced it with a G.E.washer that was a nightmare. First it took almost 90min. To do a load of laundry and still didn't clean the clothes( guess he machines use a tiny amount of water) second it had an automatic sensor to measure the precise amount of water to use. Well it took 17 min to sense before it started a wash cycle and still not enough water to clean the clothes. I returned the washer completely  frustrated and unhappy so from the big box store I went to a small appliance store and bought a speed queen washer, what a joy I didn't think I could get so excited about a washing machine but believe me it's a joy. Complete load of wash done and clean in 25min, true fill up of water,quiet and extremely sturdy awesome! This truly is the best washer on the market today and speed queen has made a customer for life. Thank you speed queen for making such a truly wonderful product.

Darrin Buonocore

Stanfordville, NY

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